United States Constitution

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Novus Ordoro Seclorum is Latin for “a new order for the ages.” Why did Americans select the constitutional order they did in 1787-1789, and why did they reject a more democratic and confederal form not more than a decade old? “Having initially hesitated in attending the Convention, once decided, Washington pushed the delegates to adopt ‘no temporizing expedient’ but instead to ‘probe the defects [of the Articles] to the bottom, and provide radical cures,’" from Matthew Spalding, Ph.D. At the beginning of the Philadelphia debates in 1787, Edmond Randolph set aside the Articles of Confederation and the Congress of Confederation, and instead created the skeleton of a new constitution which included a Supreme National Government with …show more content…
The delegates wisely choose the chance of good. Considered at the Philadelphia Convention was a Confederate government, the system from Articles of Confederation. One of many problems under a confederacy is a weak federal government. From Generation Joshua, “It must be understood that the Articles of Confederation were really just an agreement between friends, a gentlemen’s agreement… The Confederation Congress was a shadow, while the true power rested with the individual states.” Instead of the federal government being able to do their job, the states ran the country. The government was inhibited by its inability to govern. The states were being governed, not the people, so the government was not doing its job, to govern the people, instead, it was governing the states. . James Madison says, “One characteristic, was that in a federal Government, the power was exercised not on the people individually; but on the people collectively, on the States.” However, the biggest problem is that it simply did not work. Edmond Randolph, a delegate to the Philadelphia Convention from Virginia, says “I lament the crisis that revising the federal system has brought about, but I believe that it is necessary to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecies of an imminent American downfall
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