United States Constitution Persuasive Essay

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United States Constitution Persuasive Essay On September 17, 1787, 39 delegates from the thirteen colonies elegantly signed their names on the United States Constitution. Even as the signers read and marveled over their written documentation of our new government, they realized problems could still emerge in the Constitution that would need to be addressed. To solve this dilemma, the delegates came up with a way that the Constitution could be changed so that future generations could patch up any holes they found in this important document. These changes are called Amendments, and today there are a total of 27 of them. Each Amendment is crucial to our Constitution, but which one is the most important? It’s strongly believed that…show more content…
It’d be a lot harder to hand out papers on a daily basis if government officials were always checking them for any signs of treason. It’s important that U.S. citizens are able to communicate their thoughts freely because that’s how ideas and concepts spread. Even if these ideas oppose the government, no one should be put on trial for saying what they believe is true. Americans can only express their opinions if they know that they won’t be arrested for saying them. By stating what we think is wrong about our government, we’re allowing these things to be fixed. The first Amendment not only permits us to take part in any religion and say anything we want, but it also lets Americans gather in groups without fear of being arrested for rebellion. As long as there are no intentions of breaking the law, U.S. citizens are free to join together anytime they please. This is an enjoyable freedom because it’d be horrible if cops were always watching you every time you met up at a club or decided to meet your friends somewhere. I like the idea of associating with others without interference, since back then British officials would try to prevent large clusters of people from gathering in the same place. As you can see, the first Amendment gives us plenty of freedoms that would be tough to live without. Only the first Amendment allows us to join any religious faith, speak against the government when necessary, publish
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