United States Culture Aim Toward Ensuring

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Should united states culture aim toward ensuring that everyone goes to college yes, united states should encourage everyone go to college because it helps people get out of poverty and explore in a career that could shape their lives. All people want to have a good job in life and have a good salary to change their future. Additionally, college can help you become more independent and successful in life. Unless the country is willing to more fully fund higher education for all everyone going to college is only a dream. Broader education is like when people are prepared enough to gain an associate’s degree. People are ready to move into college life and ready to fight out of poverty like college loan, debt. First, a broader education will…show more content…
When people are choosing their class, they will take all of the general education class in high school before they enter into the University Of Utah, it will help them not to take that class anymore. The college class in high school will count into college credit if you pass the final test. In Charles Murray view, “when high school graduated think that obtaining a b.a will help them get a higher-paying job, they are only narrowly correct. In other words, Charles Murray believes that high school students will agree that it will help them find a higher-paying job if they work for them at the four year college. Murray believe that getting a four year is better than a two year because it’s will help people on the income by double of the associate income by a lot. In high school people are going to finish their associate degree during their senior year or else they will waste money at the community college to take their general class.
When people get a good broader education, it’s will help people understand of meaning of good education this day because people can follow your example by going to college to change people life forever. The government need to pay more for the high school counselor to talk about why college is important in life and they kid will understand of meaning of it. High school counselor today are useless, they didn’t explain
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