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Introduction The United States Department of State classifies 58 different organizations as foreign terrorist organizations (US DOS). Of those 58 FTOs only one is located in South America, and none are located in Mexico. Despite the lack of official FTOs in Mexico, non-state violence is at an all-time high and the country is more dangerous than ever. This is because of the presence and prevalence of drug cartels throughout the country. These drug cartels employ violent tactics as part of their drug trafficking network. But these cartels are more than just criminal organizations. The scope of the violence, the fear they instill in the population, and the influence they have on policy shows that these organizations should be considered as more than petty criminals trying to make money. While economic gain remains one of the main goals of these groups, there is much that falls under the umbrella of terrorism. Terrorism, while difficult to define, still has a few key features that are mostly agreed upon. These features will be explored in depth through a discussion of the definition. Following the definition of terrorism, the paper will examine the cartels in Mexico. Their history, their goals, and their strategies will all be important for determining whether they should fall under the umbrella of terrorism. Finally, this paper will argue that the cartels in Mexico display the characteristics of terror and terrorist organizations and they should be considered and classified
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