United States Government Regulation Analysis

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When the forefathers of the republic of America fabricated The United States Government, they held one principle ideology above all; a limited government that works to benefit and protect the people is the best way to lead a nation. Regulations are necessary to keep citizens safe and allow for controlled growth regardless of Libertarian belief; government regulation is an absolute necessity. The government helps fund several organizations that the country and helps it thrive. For example, the FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, helps protect the citizens from harmful foods or drugs that could lead to illness or even death (American). They create new medicine to help the sick which can save lives. Without government funding, this organization would…show more content…
One of those various jobs is creating laws that help govern the nation. The law making process is a tedious procedure that is exceptionally important. The executive branch such as the president, House of Representatives and the Senate, will create laws that will better the nation. After the bill is written, it will then move to the legislative branch who will either pass or deny the bill (American). For instance, a law was passed that requires people to have proper safety while driving in the car. This includes seatbelts and airbags. These will protect someone tremendously if they are in a car accident (American). The government has also passed a bill to make the use of a cell phone or drinking while driving illegal (American). This law protects not only the driver, but the rest of the people on the road. Additionally, the government also creates the Social Security program; a program that provides income for elderly people to help them keep their lives satisfactory (American). All of the jobs that the government impacts the nation and allows for the country to run
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