United States Government Should Implement A Single Payer Universal Health Care System

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A nation that does not provide the opportunity, for the flourishing of health among its citizens, is inherently flawed. A country like the U.S is no exception to this assertion. The United States government should implement a single payer universal health care system. The Modern U.S health care is allowing its citizens to rack up vast amounts of medical debt, in addition, large amounts of its population to remain uninsured. The U.S lags behind an idea, which, many other countries have accepted and that is health care is a human right. A plethora of positive reasons stand behind the notion of a single payer universal health care system, like the ones in other countries. However, the system in place now, has many systemic problems that are hurting citizens, particularly the lower and middle class. Recently there has been a movement to fix these issues in the system to help the lower and middle class. This movement spawned Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.
The program itself is built around two simple goals: giving Americans better access to affordable, quality health insurance and reducing the growth of health care spending in the United States (Tamara Thompson 2).
These ideas are inherently humanitarian ones, which, are the same ideas other countries value and used to develop their healthcare systems.
The ACA is also implementing programs that are similar to a single payer system, offering “Consumers who meet certain income requirements can have their monthly premium…
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