United States Healthcare

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For US citizens covered by private health insurance, receiving treatment is not necessarily easy with many insurance contracts containing terms and conditions excluding treatments which would be covered under the NHS. This has led to scandals where individuals have died as a result of not reading the fine print on their insurance contracts a massive 21% of claims in California are rejected by private insurers. (Reuters 2011) The profit-driven running of companies that are essentially meant to provide coverage guaranteeing the maintenance of health has seen managers receiving salaries exceeding 13 million dollars compared with the NHS’s top salary of less than half a million US. Not covering an individual for expensive treatment thus saves…show more content…
Not being able to access healthcare or not receiving healthcare to the required degree leaves patients in the worst possible state and so unless individuals have the fortune of having private health insurance, they face degrading conditions amounting to a violation 10of one of the fundamental human rights that is good health. The higher infant mortality for US citizens as well as an average lifespan that is on average an entire year less than that of UK citizens is a testament to the shortcomings patients face under the US system. The disparity between the wealthy (who can afford high quality healthcare) and the uninsured/poor (who cannot) is vast–the average lifespan of 78.1 is the average of long-living privately insured individuals and shorter-lived uninsured/poor individuals. For doctors, the US healthcare system does not provide practitioners with the legal backing that NHS doctors receive, and oftentimes doctors face lawsuits if their work is not meticulous. This ever-present threat of litigation often causes an overenthusiastic approach towards surgery or over-prescription of pharmaceuticals so as not to be accused of negligence. The extensive paperwork US doctors must file in order to receive payment from insurance companies results in considerable
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