United States Healthcare System Versus Germany Healthcare Essay

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The United States’ health care system in comparison to the Germany health system seems to be fairly similar in many ways; however there are some major differences. One seems to be divided into public and private sectors and funded mostly by the public; Germany's, is considered better at times which tends to run differently. In the two healthcare systems, both systems are taking the time to spend quite a bit of the governmental revenue on health but still have two of the lower life expectancies. The United States faces severe challenges in access to health care, cost effectiveness, equity, and to a lesser extent in coordinating care. Meanwhile, the German system is confronted by problems in coordinating care and controlling costs.
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Furthermore, the United States spends nearly double the average $3,923 for the 15 countries ("Health Care Cost," 2011).” Accordingly the U.S. throws away more money than any other country on healthcare which consequently could jeopardize the medical attention that is being provided.
However, Germany’s healthcare system seems to be different when compared to the United States healthcare system because of their universal health coverage for all residents who qualify. The fact that remains similar to the U.S. is the conception of by law all residents have to carry health coverage either by a public or private insurance provider.
Germany’s healthcare system is split into two types of coverage which is public and private health insurance. Health insurance companies are not able to deny people coverage due to pre-existing illnesses or to discontinue their treatment because of high costs. The public health care insurance is provided by statute to individuals who are not eligible for private insurance which is people who are salary and make under $50,000 annually. As people age and become ill, they are able to opt out of their insurance and turn to the government’s option. As the economy continues to fluctuate, the population of Germany relies more heavily on the legislative insurance which consists of 85-90% of the population.
The other healthcare insurance of Germany is private which

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