United States Immigration And Customs Enforcement

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During a former era, 20 years ago, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement was detaining nearly 400,000 people in private immigration facilities and county jails, annually. California, second to Texas, was one of the states with the largest amount of immigrant detainees. These people were being held prisoners for being immigrants without the proper documentation required for being in the United States. During that time there were countless problems that our people faced, which led to a considerable amount of effort by the people to make it what it is today, a nation without borders.
The issues seemed to have begun before time itself, and had caused the mayhem that the privatized immigration facilities was. First, the
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These executive orders were called into action for the purpose of decreasing the number of undocumented people in the U.S. They allowed for the apprehension of people in the United States believed to be undocumented. ICE detains undocumented people for an average of one month, but when they fight to stay in this country they can stay incarcerated over a year. I say believed and not just undocumented, because there had been cases of people with a documented status apprehended and detained over time, stripped from their rights. For example According to the Denver Post, Bernardo Medina was approached by ICE aggressively and detained for almost two weeks because he did not look like he was born in Montrose, after showing his Colorado identification. Medina was held illegally in a private immigration detention center in Aurora, Colorado, even after showing his ID and letting them know he was a U.S. citizen.
Not only were there problems with the laws being passed, but in addition there was a great deal of unethical practices taking place in these for-profit immigration facilities. One of the leading causes of fetishism of power within the privatized foundation of immigration facilities was the gaining of profit for each individual being detained. Therefore the more ICE detained people in immigration centers the higher the revenue was for these types of companies. First, detaining people for a long period of time without even allowing them to acquire legal
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