United States Immigration's Impact on the Economy Essay

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In this paper I will talk about the factors that affect immigration in the United States as well as the way globalization has improved and affect our economy. This country was first establish by all the immigrates who came here in hopes of better futures but many have forgotten their roots and how they became a member of this nation. Globalization, which is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the development of an increasingly global and economy marked by the free trade. The two terms have a lot in common since one affects the other and vice-versa. Immigration and Globalization have significantly impacted modern society in many ways at times they have been positive outcomes as well as negative. The best way to describe these…show more content…
One of the major factors affecting immigration would be the economical effect of immigration, job trends and education. Many immigrants come to the United States in order to progress but due to the current economy the Nation is facing, many of these people are working under detrimental conditions, getting pay way below the minimum wage just to survive. Others although they might be skilled workers with degrees, they are settling for any type of work. And lastly education is becoming very hard, the Dream Act which is still in the works, is supposed to help millions of immigrants the right to get an education as well as financial aid. The Act is also supposed to help the students find jobs while getting their education. Globalization had significantly impacted modern society since it integrates the economics of other countries as well as our own. Due to globalization the United States had lost thousand of jobs to other countries but Americans also have the opportunities to work abroad from more. The companies that decide to transfer their jobs abroad are doing this since it keeps them from paying the U.S. high wages. Globalization has also made possible the free trade of goods from one country to another as well as improving the ways of transportation. Globalization also helped improve
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