United States Intelligence Collection And Methods Before And After Digital Era

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United States Intelligence Collection and Methods Before and After Digital Era
Brian M. Dettle
United States Army Sergeants Major Academy
SGM Pinckney
11 August 2014
The United States has focused on developing better methods and capabilities to obtain intelligence since the revolutionary war. Arguably, the most significant advances in intelligence collection capabilities have developed since the digital era and have matured through asymmetric warfare during the Global War on Terrorism. For the past thirteen years, the United States has continued to grow technical intelligence capabilities to understand and develop the military battlefield environment. With this growing, need for technical intelligence the United States’ non-technical intelligence methodologies have gradually atrophied and reduced the nation’s military ability to obtain a comprehensive intelligence picture. Through examples in Iraq, Afghanistan, and African countries, we can illustrate adversaries’ abilities in an asymmetric environment to overcome technical intelligence requiring the nation to retrain and perfect non-technical intelligence capabilities. With a constantly evolving battlefield, the future success of the nation requires a blended approach of collecting and disseminating intelligence utilizing technical and non-technical capabilities equally to enable predictive deployment of military power against unseen threats in future operating environments.

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