United States Involvement in Organized Conspiracy

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United States Involvement in Organized Conspiracy Was the war in Iraq a means to improve national security or a conspiracy to seek personal satisfaction? On March 19, 2003 a war was waged under public scrutiny, to destroy the Baathist regime headed by the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. This pivotal point in United States history marked the beginning of public concern about political corruption within our government as a means to convey personal satisfaction. National security became the ground breaking concern in the United States after the tragic events unfolded on September 11, 2001. Many questions were brought to the attention of the public eye, such as why the September 11 attacks weren’t diffused prior to the deaths of…show more content…
With presidential insight overlooking Iraq’s government with a fine tooth comb, the Bush Administration decided to turn to public support as a means to increase the awareness in Iraq. This attention was based off the defiance amongst Iraq, and the United Nation (UN) ability to provide full access inside the country of Iraq. As public concern grew on the topic of Iraq, so did the presidential tone and manner when comparing Iraq to “the central front in the War on Terror.” This began a political push from leaders in and outside the U.S. to implement harsher penalties on Iraq or any country that didn’t obey UN weapons inspections (resolution 1441). The resolution 1441 stated that if UN inspection was ever detoured from leaders in the country would be subjected to war. Another country siding with the Bush administration to dissimulate and destroy the Baathist regime in Iraq was Britain and its Prime Minister Tony Blair. After the invasion of Iraq occurred, documents that were obtained from Mr. Blair’s office that depicted President Bush already mind set on invading Iraq. Strictly emphasizing that no matter resolution 1441 was compiled by the Iraqi regime or not. Even to go as far as to provoking war with Iraq whether WMD was found or not during the UN inspections. Other CIA information informed the U.S. people that 935 statements on Iraq’s potential threat to national security were falsely stated by the Bush Administration. As
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