United States' Involvement in Vietnam Essay

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United States' Involvement in Vietnam

The end of World War Two was the beginning of America's worries about

Communism. They feared that it would spread throughout the countries of the world. Because of this President Truman made the Truman Doctrine. This said that America would help any nation threatened by Communism. He said that he would lead 'containment' in the spread of Communism and the Soviet Unions expansion. The doctrine came from the USA believing that Eastern Europe was forced into Communism by the Soviet Union. Therefore America saw it as their duty to help and protect the other countries, which could be in the threat of Communism.

The Marshall Plan accompanied the Truman
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The Vietnamese had not liked living under foreign rule. They are Nationalists and their communist party leader had formed the Vietminh, so called after his name "Ho Chi Minh". They later became known to the world as the Vietcong.

In 1945 the war ended and with Japan being weaker now the French influence returned to Vietnam.

We now see the United States first bit of involvement with Vietnam, where the USA sent money and supplies to boost the economy in France. They did not, however, help in any other way as they thought France's presence would be enough to stop the spread of Communism.

The Vietminh didn't like having the French influences back again and Guerrilla warfare was used against the French. Guerrilla warfare is like general jungle warfare, however the Vietminh dressed as peasants to disguise themselves and used their local knowledge to make it difficult to detect attacks in the jungle.

In 1954, the battle of Dien Bien Phu took place and the Vietminh achieved a great victory over the French, so the French decided to leave Vietnam. Until now the USA had only provided money and equipment to France to help with the Vietnam problem.

The USA backed up a Geneva Conference, which took place. This said that Vietnam be divided up into the Communist, North Vietnam and South Vietnam under the rule of the Ngo Dinh Diem. The
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