Essay on United States' Involvement in the Vietnam War

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United States' Involvement in the Vietnam War There are many reasons for American intervention in Vietnam whether it is political causes, economic causes or military causes. The Americans want to secure capitalism all over the world and get rid of communism. The French used to run Vietnam in a capitalist manner. After the Second World War France attempted to secure and control Vietnam once more. France refused to recognize the democratic republic of Vietnam that had been declared by Ho Chi Minh and fighting soon broke out against the Vietminh and the French troops. The Vietminh had difficulties coping with the French fighting power and technology. Their situation improved in 1949 after Mao…show more content…
And lastly, a date for the elections was fixed for July 1956. The United States were getting really concerned about the elections and whether communism (Ho Chi Minh) or capitalist (Ngo Dinh Diem) would win. A touch of corruption in the Diem government sparked a flame that would send US troops into Vietnam. The reasons why the US became involved in Vietnam are as followed: The domino theory – America was certain that if Vietnam fell into communism then the surrounding countries e.g. Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand would fall as well which means America will lose all its economic aspects and trades which would limit the amount of countries they can trade with, Failure of the Geneva agreement, VC attacks on American air bases e.g. Pleiku, Growing strength of NLF, Lots of money in south Vietnam (funding into Diems army), Failure of US advisors, collapse of French Indo-China, Failure of strategic hamlets, American fear of communism and US weapons manufacturers saw a market for their products developing. The US tried all sorts of methods to crack down and rid Vietnam of communism. Strategic hamlets are little American secured hamlets which peasants around South Vietnam were put into to live. The aim for this was to secure capitalism in these villages. This proved a failure as the Vietcong (communist from the North) slipped in to these
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