United States Law Enforcement Officers Essay

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Introduction: United States Law Enforcement officers are constantly under pressure. Their job requires them to serve and protect mankind, under any circumstances, at all times. Because of this, officers run the risk of putting themselves in harmful situation. This may include apprehending a violent assailant, or entering harmful locations. In this study, I used books and articles such as, Criminal Justice Today, to get an understanding of the dangers Law Enforcement Officer face in the line of duty. When performing task outside the prescient, office4rs are put into dangerous situations because of their surroundings, offender’s actions, and officer mistakes. Due to the high stress of this job, it not only affects their performance, but their health as well.
Issue Identification: Police work can be dangerous because with any situation they face, there can be a possibility that it results in personal injury or death to the officer. Throughout their line of worker, there are many variables that create constant dangers for police officers. They are responsible for ensuring everyone’s safety, which means if an incident occurs they must correct the problem. Any of their every day duties can lead to an accident as a result of the offender’s, victim’s, or officer’s actions. Dangerous incidents can take place during their police duty can happen while: responding to a code 3, responding to traffic violation, involved in pursuits, or making an arrest (Brucia). These incidents
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