United States Marine Corps ( Usmc ) Base Of Military Bases Essay

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Jacksonville, North Carolina, and the surrounding area is full of military bases. The biggest base is a United States Marine Corps (USMC) base called Camp Lejeune. Some of the other bases: Air Station New River (USMC), Camp Geiger (USMC), Air Station Cherry Point, smaller adjacent posts, and reserve stations (Google, n.d.). Every military personal that separates from their given branch is required to turn in their individual issue gear. Camp Lejeune’s Consolidated Issue Facility (CIF) states “Dirty, cracked, missing or broken gear is the last thing on the mind of a Marine returning from Iraq” (Muth, 2006). This can be a challenging thing for Marines to accomplish the CIF department at Lejeune explains just one of the challenges that they face “The only thing about cleaning the gear is that Marines are taking the flak jackets apart and drying them in a dryer. The problem with that is that the outer shell will shrink so it’s harder to get the SAPI (Small Arms Protective Inserts) plates back into them. If you wash it you have to let the outer shell air dry” (Muth, 2006). This causes an extra amount of stress while trying to transition out of the military. The gear has to be clean, undamaged and the correct generation that the service member was issued. A private origination that is dedicated to helping with the military to civilian transition is USMC IIF they warn “Again there is no reason to have dirty gear. Take your time and take care of business. I know we all want to go
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