United States Metric System

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The United States is the only industrialized country that does not use the metric system as their system of measurement. The United States uses the customary system, also known as the imperial and the English system, which is very complex compared to metrics. Furthermore, the United States is heavily active in world affairs and yet it uses a separate system. As a result, the country has to use both the customary and metric systems. The United States should change their system of measurement to the Metric system because it is used throughout the world and it is less complex.
The Customary system is used in only three countries in the world and the United States is one of them. Burma and Liberia are the other two. The metric system is also
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It was meant to be based on multiples of tens while the customary system is non-decimal. A few examples would be one centimeter being equal to ten millimeters and one decimeter being equal to ten centimeters. The system only requires moving the decimal from the left or right. However, in the customary system, it is necessary to memorize each unit. For instance, one foot is equal to twelve inches and one yard is equal to three feet while one chain is equal to twenty two yards. With that being said, the metric system is more straightforward and easier to remember while the customary system is more complex and harder to memorize.
Many Americans argue that the customary system is tradition and they have a “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” attitude towards it. It is true that tradition is an important aspect of the United States; however, many traditions have changed over the years in the United States, so why not change the measuring system as well? For instance, when Japan began building better cars than the United States, they didn’t continue building the same cars and expect those same cars to still work. No, the United States changed their cars and evolved them for the
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