United States Military Academy : Causes And Effect

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UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY HWE3: CAUSE AND EFFECT SHARED SACRIFICE EN101: COMPOSITION SECTION K34 CPT REBECCA L. MCGILLEY By CADET TANNER P. DISMUKES ’19, CO I2 WEST POINT, NEW YORK 27 OCTOBER 2015 _____ MY DOCUMENTATION IDENTIFIES ALL SOURCES USED AND ASSISTANCE RECEIVED IN COMPLETING THIS ASSIGNMENT. _____ I DID NOT USE ANY SOURCES OR ASSISTANCE REQUIRING DOCUMENTATION IN COMPLETING THIS ASSIGNMENT. SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________________________ Word Count: Shared Sacrifice Mogul Warren E. Buffett’s “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” proposes increasing taxes on the zenith socioeconomic class will respite levy burdens on working class Americans, however it fails to recognize various…show more content…
The immediate and long term results of Buffett’s sacrifice would be more beneficial if the money was not handled through the government, but instead dedicated directly through philanthropy. Increasing taxes on wealthy Americans is not giving to the poor, it is capital being acquired by the government. Buffett is making the assumption that the government will use the money to subsidize welfare efforts and small-business growth. While this may be the case, any increase in government spending will simply further increase the deficit of financial security for the masses. When the government has an increase in net income the price of money increases then the available quantity of the dollar increases and overtime businesses raise the prices of their goods and services because they can make more money (Alesina and Ardagna 49). After the market adjusts to the new price level, there would be no progression or benefit for the working-class, in fact they would be even more burdened by this endeavor. “Shared sacrifice” would benefit the grassroots if they were directly given the money without government intervention because there would be no economic impact (Buffett 3). Warren Buffett is an entrepreneurial genius and knows the free-market unlike any other with his unique and brilliant economic manipulation, however fiscal policy is much different than his familiarity with monetary
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