United States Military Veterans During The War Of 1812

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United States Military Veterans Veterans are important because they have given us our freedom from tyrants for the past 237 years. Vets fought against the oppressors from of England during the War of Independence and the War of 1812. They continue to fight today! The estimated amount of casualties from the War of Independence was around 50,000! That means over 50,000 people died to stop England’s tyranny, in just one of two wars! In attacking Americans in the War of 1812, England sent ten times as many troops in just the last six months, than they had during all the years before. That is how much the greedy British wanted to steal the United States of America from us! Had the Veterans not stood their ground, we would all be French…show more content…
US Veterans are proud to have served, but what if they stop caring and sharing the need for Freedom and our Republic to the future? Value our Vets, as they have kept Liberty and Justice alive, and will hopefully continue to inspire those who might make the same sacrifices again tomorrow. Veterans in today’s United States are less than 1% of the over 300 million in this country. I think Veterans are important for this reason today, and every day! Please see how important they are like I do. In 1917, The United States declared war on Germany. The United States declared war on Germany because they broke the United States neutrality by attacking international shipping, and by sending the Zimmermann Telegram. That was World War One. On December 7, 1941, Japan made a surprise attack. The attack was on the Pearl Harbor Base in Hawaii. The attack of the Japanese was their way of declaring war against The United States. The next day, December 8, 1941, The United states declared war on Japan. That was World War Two. Veterans were important then. They are important to me now. And they continue to important to me and to you in the future. We have also helped protect the rights of foreign countries such as Korea and Vietnam. Some people call the Korean War, the Forgotten War. The Korean War was an active two-year war. There was never a Treaty of Peace and we still have over 28,000 troops there today.
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