United States Military Veterans During The War Of 1812

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United States Military Veterans Veterans are important because they have given us our freedom from tyrants for the past 237 years. Vets fought against the oppressors from of England during the War of Independence and the War of 1812. They continue to fight today! The estimated amount of casualties from the War of Independence was around 50,000! That means over 50,000 people died to stop England’s tyranny, in just one of two wars! In attacking Americans in the War of 1812, England sent ten times as many troops in just the last six months, than they had during all the years before. That is how much the greedy British wanted to steal the United States of America from us! Had the Veterans not stood their ground, we would all be French speaking, Canadian citizens of the British Empire spending money called “Loonies” with the picture of Queen Elizabeth the Second on it today! She is the “Majesty Queen in Right of Canada” in 2014, today: who would want to speak French and bow to English Kings and Queens rather than be free? This is a major reason why they were important in the past, why they are important to you and I today, and why all veterans will be important in the future and in our future. I think US Military Vets are so important that they should be thanked every day! If that is not you, then do not thank a United States Military Veteran for giving you Freedom and Liberty. If you like being Free and able to Worship in whatever way you want to, then thank a US Vet! Do it

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