United States Must Promote The Creation Of Accountable Care Organizations

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United States take pride in many things: world’s largest economy, strong military power, internationally acclaimed institutions, great cultural diversity, endless entertainment from Hollywood to Major League Baseball, and more. Unfortunately, health care did not make it into the list. It is quite unsettling to accept that 2010 health data for industrialized countries placed United States in the last place in almost every criteria. U.S. health care spending had reached $7,538 per capita which was far more than any other country, doubling the OECD median of $2,995 (Squire, 2). In the analysis of five-year survival and mortality rate for various forms of cancer, the data showed that the outcomes of Americans did not perform any better than…show more content…
Atul Gawande, a public health researcher, has a similar yet different opinion to high cost health care. His article narrates a story about his investigation in McAllen, TX, a city which has the highest cost of health are in the United States. Gawande explains that the high cost of health care in McAllen was largely responsible for overutilization of resources through the FFS payment method. According to Gawande’s investigation, McAllen is an outlier in terms of U.S. health care data; this city has the highest spending of health care in the country. Its neighboring city, El Paso, shares similar demographics and provides a similar level of care but oddly enough, the average cost of receiving health care in McAllen was double of that in El Paso. Gawande later finds that the high cost of health care in McAllen provided more of everything: diagnostic testing, hospital treatment, surgery, and home care (Gawande, 5). Indeed, we cannot point fingers at the doctors if the procedures were deemed necessary. However, there are some doctors who saw their practice primarily as a stream of revenue. Gawande held Hospital Renaissance largely responsible for the high cost of health care in McAllen. This particular hospital has a reputation for aggressively recruiting high-volume physicians to become investors and send the patients there. In return, they would receive their fee for service and a
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