United States Of America, Home Of The Brave And Land

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United States of America, home of the brave and land of the greedy. While free is the word that is usually a part of that statement, there are many countries that would disagree with you on word choice. For example, no one enjoys a country that helps fund your country’s dictatorship only because they do not want communism spreading through the political system like wild fire. Hundreds of soldiers trained and many innocent dead. While the American’s were not pulling the triggers, they were giving the guns and training the army to fight and kill all who seemed to be siding with the communist party. Yet many do not know that America would do this to small little El Salvador. While in turmoil, El Salvador has always been a country of peaceful…show more content…
This led to twelve gruesome years of pain and suffering from both sides, while many innocent people were caught within the mix. 75,000 civilians alone were killed by the government forces, and many were displaced from their homes and lost their families. “Let my blood be a seed of freedom and the sign that hope will soon be reality,” Archbishop Oscar Romero gather people in a time of hardship and was the leader for the innocent farmer that turned towards God to help resolve this problem. Sadly, on March 24, 1980, Mr. Romero was killed at the hands of the government who didn’t enjoy his message. The assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero was the first of many awful moments throughout the war. The death of Mr. Romero was what got many of the innocent to take sides with the FMLN because of the connection of the government to this murder. It was even worse that snipers shot down at the crowd that mourned his death which led to the death of 42, the real beginning of this bloody fight. United States was brought into this fight when four nuns, who were traveling through El Salvador to help people in need, we raped and murdered and it was discovered that it was done by the cruel military forces. President at the time, Jimmy Carter, decided that it would be best to cut off aid to El Salvador for a short period of time. Yet this changed in 1981, when Ronald Reagan
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