United States Of America ( Usa ) And Brazil

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As our world’s population continues to grow our insatiable appetite for energy grows as well. Our planet has very few energy sources that are renewable and the ones that are renewable are the ones that have little to no pollutant like emissions. The nonrenewable resources that I will discuss produce or emit CO2, carbon dioxide, which is in a sense killing our planet. The two countries that I will compare will be the United States of America (USA) and Brazil. Both are the leading consumers of energy in their respective continents as well as the leader in CO2 emissions. I will discuss their industrial and agricultural profiles along with their similarities and differences in fuel sources. Seeing that both countries are leaders in consumption and emissions I will discuss what their level of involvement is in worldwide emissions regulations. This will then lead me into discussing possible solutions or regulations to energy use in high-demand countries and how high-use and low-use countries can work together to reduce overall emissions. If there is a way of tackling this issue with the planets largest culprit of consumption and emission then we can surely use that as a model to tackle this issue on a global scale. The primary sources of CO2 emissions for the both USA and Brazil is from petroleum. The USA produces 2, 268.660 million metric tons (MMT) of CO2 and Brazil produces 403.319 MMT of CO2. The USA accounts for about 80% of the CO2 emissions of North America.…
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