United States Of The European Union

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Britain not only has a special relationship with the United States of America (USA), but also has a different kind of special relationship with Europe. The relationship is often described as ‘reluctant’ and ‘awkward’ because Britain is member of the European Union (EU), but has a number of exemptions, for example Britain is not part of eurozone or the Schengen area. Today, the debate is if there are more benefits or disadvantages to Britain’s membership in the EU; there is no clear answer. However, Britain’s current involvement and position is the best option; they can utilize trade benefits, but are not mandated to take part in eurozone. It would appear the EU is structured similarly to the USA. ‘United States of Europe’ is a phrase…show more content…
Thus the EU can be considered as ‘The United States of Europe’ because it is structured similarly to how the United States of America is with contributing states and various levels of government, all under the rule of one central government system. Eurosceptics on the other hand, would argue the EU is not ‘The United States of Europe.’ However, they fear it is close to becoming that. The main reason for this belief is that the Council of Ministers holds the executive power, not parliament. Nevertheless their main prerogative remains gaining access to the world largest single market through accession into the EU (Gamble 470). In tandem they appear to be similar, but ‘The United States of Europe’ is still in formation, which is why Britain is best in their current position where they could possible exceed if they lose any sovereignty they have left. In terms of economics, Britain needs trade arrangements provided by membership in the EU. No country can survive in isolation today, that has not been doing so all along, especially an interactive first world country such as Britain. Watts and Pilkington agree that modern states, including Britain, are essentially interdependent (111). Arguably that is the sole reason the European Union was created in the first place, only originally it was called the European Coal and Steel Community (Watts 64). This was the start of unification
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