United States Policies And Their Affect On Charlie Company

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Nayan Myerson-Jain E Band Mr. Jacobs June 9, 15 A Pink Sunset: United States Policies and Their Affect on Charlie Company The massacre at My Lai 4, often referred to as the “Pinkville Operation” by military officials, quickly became an event surrounded by outrage on the behalf of anti-war activists and soldiers alike. As stories leaked from letters sent to congressmen, and interviewed soldiers, outrage quickly boiled and conservatives and liberals were forced to ask: how could American soldiers commit atrocities so detestable? Newspapers, magazines, and tabloids presented stories all with a similar title. Headlines such as, “First Photos of Mass Viet Slaying” and, “One Hundred Killed; Calley To Blame” helped draw attention to Charlie Company, the soldiers involved, while the spotlight fell on one particular soldier, Lt. Calley, who many blamed as the main instigator of the massacre. While Lieutenant Calley and his fellow members of Charlie Company are responsible for many of their actions during the massacre, the policies instituted by the American government and military are responsible as well, due to the helped violent and detesting nature of American soldiers against the Vietnamese they fostered that caused My Lai. While high-ranking officers were supposed to monitor company actions, the frequent use of body counts as well as the commonplace abuses of the policy, suggests that soldiers were encouraged to lie. Body counts were used by the military to measure a

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