United States Political Thought As A Democracy

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United States political thought today as of today is considered a democracy. A democracy is where the citizens of the United States are eligible to vote for the leaders that represent the country. Without the drafting of the British documents, such as The Magna Carta and the Petition of Rights along with the political upheaval of the Glorious Revolution and Enlightenment, America today would be following the traditional acts of arbitrary monarchical rule. All of these specific times in history were outcomes of people seeing that absolute monarchies were trouble for the fundamental rights of the people. Being under an absolute monarchy is similar to being under a dictatorship which leaves no say in the hand of the people. The Magna Carta, also known as The Great Charter, was the first step into people receiving the rights that they deserved. The King of England, King John was forced by his barons to sign the charter to establish that the monarch was no longer absolute and that the people were guaranteed a trial by jury and due process of law. King John is considered to be one of the worst kings in history. He was not in favor of the people, he was in favor of himself. He was such a greedy King who would penalize any baron who went against his wishes. In 1206, King John lost some land that he was insistent on getting back. Normandy, Anjou, Maine and parts of Poitou were no longer under his control. The way he went about it was to harshly raise the taxes. If the people
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