United States Postal Service Essay

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The United States Postal Service has suffered a great amount of loss in revenue, due to the rise in competition of electronic mail and other package delivery services. With the world changing, USPS must make changes also. With the United States Postal Service declining, they must start to embrace technology. Over the years, the USPS has declined in popularity. With the world ordering from other package delivery services and people using electronic mail, the USPS has suffered from loss of revenue. In a graph that is excerpted from a 2009 annual report of the United States Postal Service, shows that there was a drop-in mail volume in the years of 2007 to 2009 (Source B). This shows that many people are going away from the USPS and are using other services. Not only is the USPS effected with revenue, but also financially. With a thirteen percent drop in mail volume, the USPS lost 3.8 billion dollars in 2010 (Source C). The USPS cannot keep taking big hits like this financially. Therefore, something must change.…show more content…
In today’s time, most people have cellphones, laptops, etc., therefore, they are more likely to use email and shop online. To improve the USPS, they should get into the e-business states futurist Watts Wacker (Source A). By doing this, it benefits the USPS by creating more opportunities for business. To also help the United States Postal Service, they should have some post offices just for letters and other post offices just for packages states business strategist Gurumurthy Kalyanaram (Source A). By doing this, it spreads out where people need to go and each post-office is being used. Also, with laptops and cellphones more people are turning to the internet (Source C). By going to the internet, people are finding cheaper postal services, which hurts the United States Postal
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