United States Relations Between China And China Essay

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The United States of America and China have a complex relationship that has been created through years of interaction. There have been times of great trade and trust between the countries but there has also been great tension. Today America and China trade freely between each other. However, the countries do not completely trust one another due to their opposing views on foreign policy and ideology. These past incidents have created an odd combination of opinions in China and the United States. In my opinion, the economic freedom between the states is stable, but the political scene is unclear and unbalanced. United States diplomacy in China is a constant struggle. On August thirty-first, President Barack Obama began his final trip to Asia. He landed in China on September third and while he was there the president will attend the Group of 20 summit. The location of the G-20 summit is in Hangzhou, which is the capital city of the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Since, the president landed in China there have been small skirmishes between the US and China (Wan). The most prevalent of the clashes seem to have been centered around the US press. When the president was landing the White House press and photographers were met with resistance by a Chinese welcoming delegate, that blocked their usual position and asked the group to leave. The same day the United States and Chinese president were set to show off their support for one another. Twenty minutes before their arrival,
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