United States Rights Vs. Federal Rights

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After Independence from Britain, the southern and northern sections of the United States began to separate as they aged, mainly due to conflicts of interests. Even during the creation of the Unites States constitution, the founding fathers debated slavery. Slaves were considered 3/5ths of a person when regarding representation based on population. This lessened the amount of seats southern states would hold in the House of Representatives, lessening their influence on political matters before the civil war. The Northerners had a heavier influence on laws, leading to the passage of laws in their favor. The Northern section of the United States of America became focused on manufacturing while the southern sections became dependent on agriculture, mainly cash crops harvested by slave labor. Although the States rights versus Federal rights conflict played a role in the cause of the Civil War, a major contributing factor was the institution of slavery and how it should be implemented in the United States. The issue of slavery in the Western Territories was debated since the acquisition of new territory from Mexico after the Mexican-American War. The Wilmot Proviso was introduced to prevent slavery from expanding into any territory gained from the Mexican Cession. The Wilmot Proviso never passed and compromise between slave states and free states was not reached until the compromise of 1850, which was negated by the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854. The Fugitive Slave Act,
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