Essay on United States Role in Somalia: Crucial to Development

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United States Role in Somalia: Crucial to Development
With a long history of violence, rebellion, and chaos, the African country of Somalia now seeks guidance. The country’s violent past started when military forces overthrew the last democratically elected government in October 1969, about 37 years ago. Military rule undermined, and ultimately destroyed the country. The military regime divided citizens into allies and enemies, and rewarded its allies while it punished whole communities. Life conditions in Somalia became so unbearable that the President Bush, Sr. was forced to act, and ordered thousands of American troops to enter Somalia in order to open the roads so that emergency food aid could be urgently delivered to the citizens.
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Diplomatic support to the country of Somalia includes many key aspects; (1) The U.S verbally expressing their support of the legitimate central government of Somalia, (2) diplomatic recognition, which includes the U.S possibly opening an embassy in Somalia or at the very least having some diplomatic representation in Somalia, and (3) The United States working in conjunction with the UN, African Union, and other International Peacekeeping Agencies. With the U.S expressing verbal support to the legitimate central government of Somalia, there will be hope for the government to regain its power. The creation of a Somali embassy will also prove to the central government, that the U.S fully supports its aspirations to restore its control over Somalia, and bring order to the country. With the United States working alongside many international peacekeeping agencies, Somalia will receive the economic help it so desperately needs.
Topic Sentence 2: The United States should play a facilitative role in national reconciliation and development. If the United States wishes to succeed in its goal of helping the legitimate central government of Somalia rebuild Somalia, it must immediately to start building national reconciliation, which will aid in the development of Somalia. The United States must start to facilitate reconciliation by persuading all warring parties to come together in the
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