United States Should Not Be The Best

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Americans consider their county to be the best. America helps other countries in need of assistance after a natural disaster or feed hungry Africans that are without food. There is a problem here, why do Americans help other countries when Americans are suffering. Families are starving, even parents forgoing eating so their children can. One group that can help is the top one percent in the United States. They have large amounts of money, why can’t they give any away? They use their money to boost their profits instead by underpaying employees to other countries, avoiding taxes through loopholes and tax havens and outsourcing jobs to other countries. The money they send away could be used for government funded programs like food stamps and unemployment or they could donate to food banks. There is a plethora of ways big business is damaging our own economy and it is starving our people. The main goal of a business is to break even, spending about the amount as profits gained, or gain a net profit and expand. While expanding is expensive, companies will attempt to outsource jobs to different countries for a cheaper cost . Outsourcing is an issue for multiple unemployed and employed Americans, where the businesses could be supporting families by creating jobs for those who need them. Flatworld solutions, a company made to help businesses outsource jobs, would argue, “You can get your job done at a lower cost and at better quality as well” (Flatworld). It does lower the cost,…
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