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Abu Sayyaf is still a big threat to the United States, it has roughly 200-500 members based out of the southern Philippines. Here in the United States the FBI is still tracking 3 of the main organizers of the Abu Sayyaf organization and the organization has made comments that have stated they want to fight the United States and it is strongly believed that given the opportunity although they are a small organization they will in fact take a huge leap at harming American citizens by means of bombing, extortion, assassinations, beheadings and what they are notorious for the most is kidnappings. A spokesperson for the organization has stated, that “We have been trying hard to get America because they may think we’re afraid of them.” He added…show more content…
He is also known as the bomb maker for the ASG organization. These are the top three individuals in the Abu Sayyaf organization. In order to understand the Abu Sayyaf organization its best to know where it originated from then you’ll see a bit as to how lethal they are and how deadly they can be to the United States. In the early 1990s the ASG split from the Moro National Liberation Front (M.N.L.F.). They were the two main Muslim groups operating in the southern Philippines. Abu Sayyaf’s first major attack happened in 1991, when the Abu Sayyaf group set off a grenade that killed two American evangelists. The ASG was founded by Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani, he was educated by the Al Islamic Tabligh, a fundamentalist organization funded by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Janjalani became radicalized after studying and traveling to many Muslim countries he was then suspected to have met Osama Bin Laden in 1988 and given $6 million dollars to develop and transform the southern Philippines into an Islamic state. The word Abu meaning father and Sayyaf means Sword Smith, or more easily translated into “bearer of the sword” in Arabic. The ASG is one the most violent organizations. Now that we know how the ASG has formed it’s even more important to know who its leaders are, and what they are capable of. Knowing who you are fighting is half the battle when it comes to being able to predict what may happen next. From the beginning we had
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