United States Versus Nepal 's Healthcare System

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United States versus Nepal’s Healthcare The healthcare system in each country is intended to meet the best possible medical services needs of its citizens. One country’s healthcare system can vary from another. This is according to their administration strategy, training, education, technology, and spending plan. Social, economic, political, and physical parts of the nation also play huge role in defining a country’s healthcare system. There are many similarities in the delivery of medical services between United States and Nepal. For the middle class people, affording a good healthcare system is still an unresolved issue of these two countries. The issue of financing the system of healthcare has been the biggest challenge to the government of Nepal, and it is similar to the Medicare and Medicaid programs in the United States. Although Nepal and the United States have similarities in healthcare system, they also equally share significant differences in providers, spending and the medical professionals. Some people consider that the healthcare system in the U.S. is superior. In the United States, the healthcare system for the most part is controlled by private hands; however, federal, city government, county, and state also own certain facilities. Hospitals give the greater part of inpatient care with limited outpatient care. There are various different specialty clinics for surgery, heart, children, bone, cancer, obstetric and gynecologic around the country. Almost every

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