United States Voting System

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(a) The political cartoon depicts Ralph Nader, a third-party candidate who ran in the 2000 election, addressing America’s “throw-away mentality.” Meanwhile, a woman in the background is ironically casting her vote into a trash can labeled “Green Party Votes.” Since the Unites States has a two-party system, the vast majority of our country votes for major party candidates. Therefore, the point of view being expressed about minor parties is that voting for a third party is throwing away a vote. For example, when Ralph Nader ran in the 2000 election, he had nowhere near the number of votes needed to even compete with the major party candidates. So, he ultimately took votes away from the major party candidates, which could have possibly changed the outcome of that presidential election.

(b) Two rules of the United States electoral system that act as obstacles for minor party candidates winning elections is the
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Because they have an unlikely chance of winning a presidential election, minor parties can take chances and promote an idea to a larger degree than major parties would. Therefore, they can introduce different ideas or issues that may not be mirrored by the platforms of the two major parties. An example of this is when The Socialist Party introduced the notion of a 40-hour work week in regards to child labor laws in the early 1900s, which led to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. They can also shift national attention to particular issues by pushing major parties to include underrepresented concerns or groups. In other words, they often push major parties to adapt their policies to include third-party stances. So, when one of the two major parties win, third-party voters may still get what they want if issues that fit many peoples’ ideologies are
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