United States Vs. Brazil Race

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Elena Martinez
University 175

United States vs. Brazil race categorizing and history

“Think about race in its universality. Where is your measurement device? There is no way to measure race. We sometimes do it by skin color, other people may do it by hair texture - other people may have the dividing lines different in terms of skin color. What is black in the United States is not what 's black in Brazil or what 's black in South Africa.”-Dr.Goodman, Race: The Power of an Illusion Earlier in the year the semester I was given the assignment to watch Race: The Power of An Illusion documentary which is where the quote is from. The quote gave birth to my curiosity of race and world because before this class, I thought the United States was the only country in world that issues with this, but was not. To my shock, I found many countries that all over the world practice many of the racial discrimination practices in the United States. For the sake of making this essay not so lengthy, I decided to pick one country and compare them alongside with United States. The statement above is accurate when describing the various degrees of race around the world . This means that race is not biological rather it differs from place to place and depending on where on goes in the world determines what race one is. There are many different standards of race all over the world so instead the essay will be comparing two countries race standards from one another. One country will be…
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