United States ' War On Drugs Essay

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Humanities Independent Research Essay Thompson Lin Block B 10-1 Research Question: To what extent has the United States’ “War on Drugs” been successful in reducing illicit drug abuse in the country? The “War on Drugs” is a term generally referred in America to the campaign aiming to reduce drug abuse in the country. The term first appeared in July 18 1971, when former U.S. President Richard Nixon started the campaign. However, on April 9, 2015, President Obama publicly announced that the policy has been counterproductive, and needs to be overhauled. Based on my research, I have concluded that the “War on Drugs” policy has been ineffective in its effort to reduce drug abuse in the country and President Obama has a good reason to transform the policy. Drug abuse was first noticed as a problem in America during the 1900’s but it really became America’s number one enemy during the Vietnamese war. Nixon realized American soldiers in Vietnam were using marijuana not only for medical purposes, but also to relieve their stress. This caused the soldiers to not be as sharp or focused in battles. As a result, this became a catalyst for Nixon to implement a nationwide ban on all Class A drugs and a few of the Class B drugs. While banning the drugs, the government also banned certain chemicals used to make the drugs. During the 1970’s when the “War on Drug” initiative first began, the immediate effects were amazing. The incarnation rate for drug abuse dropped by 48%. But then,
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