United States Women 's Histories

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United States Women 's Histories AMH 2090 Final Project Essay Dana L. Shaw, Honors U.S. Women’s History: An interpretation of Theda Perdue’s “Cherokee Women Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835” University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln & London, 1998 Five Points:¬ Book Citation: Write the full citation of your book below (either MLA, Chicago, or APA). When you are writing your responses to the questions, be sure to paraphrase and use quotes sparingly. If you do quote, put the page number where you found your quote in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. You are NOT allowed to use any sources other than the article. The use of sources outside the article under review will be considered plagiarism and result in failing grade on the assignment. Cherokee Women, Gender and Culture Change 1700-1835, written by Theda Perdue, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln & London, 1998. First Bison Books printing: 1999. Ten Points: Topic and Questions: What is the author 's topic and what questions does she attempt to answer? That is describe, who, what, when, and where. The author should explain her topic and questions in the first few pages of her article (Limit 200 words). Perdue’s topic is the gender construction and distinctions in 19th Century Cherokee Indian society, the traditional roles that women played and how cultural progression affected them specifically. Cherokee women lived in a world that was disrupted by trade and war which resulted in a shifting for
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