United States 's Speech On Immigration System

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Final Paper
Migration has been process for the whole history of human being. People roamed to seek for available livestock, new land for settlement and place for hunting and fishery. And these process has been processed until today around the world, despite for more reasons and subjects.
"For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations."(Lindsey, 2014)
Obama stated to begin his speech about immigration system. International immigrants are the significant labor source and they partially contribute to generating GDP for the US. There are many reasons for a person to migrate to another country such as higher living standard, employment opportunities and political freedom. Otherwise, there are not only negative reasons but also many people take their chance for reunion.
The large portion of immigrants is young children and middle-aged adult. For the purpose of migration, they expect to have a better living standard, get social benefits, political freedom and also a chance to work for skilled employment needs. Many people came to the US for all of these purpose because they believes and hopes in the bright future, they could make living by the laboring time they pour and enjoy what they deserve. And for any purpose, the US gained the benefits from these people. The US benefits from the immigrant portions who are specialized employers with high skilled training and…
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