United States vs. United Arab Emirates: The Form of Government, History, and Economic Growth

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The two countries that I am studying are the United States and the United Arab Emirates. These two countries will be compared in terms of their form of government, their history and the economic growth of the two countries. Special attention will be paid to the role that government plays in the creation of wealth. Unless otherwise noted, the information in this paper will come from the CIA World Factbook. The United States is a "Constitution-based federal republic". This system of government has a strong democratic tradition, where citizens vote in elections for a variety of public posts. There are essentially four layers of government civic, county, state and federal. These different layers are often considered necessary for governance of one of the world's largest and most populous nations, but they also create a large amount of bureaucracy. There is also, however a high degree of accountability because elected officials have limited terms, and often there are also term-limits, such as the two-term limit for Presidents. The governance of the nation falls to a tripartite system with the legislative branch (Congress), the executive branch (the White House) and the judicial branch. Each branch has distinct responsibilities, and it is often necessary to have the cooperation of multiple branches, or multiple units within any one branch in order for something to happen at the governmental level. This complex system of checks and balances encourages transparency and the United
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