United Way and the Boy Scouts of America - a Case Study Essay

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United Way and the Boy Scouts of America Background The United Way of America is an organization which takes in donations from people and businesses and distributes the funds to programs across the nation to help serve the community. One of the organizations which receive funds from the United Way, is the Boy Scouts of America. In 1990, an assistant scoutmaster was found out to be gay and was expelled from the Scouts as consequence. This went to the courts with the final verdict being that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) had the right to expel James Dale, the scoutmaster in question. This has been seen as the BSA having a discriminatory policy of admittance into the Scouts. The United Way has an anti-discrimination policy…show more content…
This last option may work against the UWCW and they may lose community support, thusly impacting all stakeholders. If I were Norvell, I would call a meeting with the United Way board to discuss the issue of whether to continue providing funds to the CPCBSA. The first thing that I would address in the meeting with the board would be our mission as a local United Way organization and our stance on discrimination. The mission of the UWCW is “helping people, changing lives, making every contribution count.” (United Way of Columbia-Willamette 2011). According to the UWCW website their vision is “for a community where … diversity is embraced, where people live and work together, encouraging and supporting one another.” I would discuss that by ignoring the blatant discrimination against gays the BSA has openly admitted to we are in effect working against our very own mission and vision. In order to lift up people of all types, to embrace diversity we need to be ill-tolerant of discrimination at every level. We should not go after one organization in a full-fledged war, just like the BSA has not gone after other United Way organizations for their defunding, however we need to keep the mission of the United Way and the UWCW vision at the forefront of what we do daily and how we make those contributions matter most. Fostering a belief in, or tolerating discrimination is not the way. The next
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