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UnitedHealth Group Name of Student Institutional Affiliations UnitedHealth Group The UnitedHealth Group is a company that offers diversified health care management services. It is based in Minnesota in the United States of America. It is located at Minnetonka (UnitedHealth Group, 1974). It is ranked the 14th on the Fortune 500 List of the best companies and business enterprises in the world. UnitedHealth Group has two companies that offer their services and products to the consumers. The two business entities are Optum and UnitedHealthcare. It has approximated that it serves over 70 million people in the United States of America. This paper discusses the company in various dimensions. Firstly, the history of its strategic evolution is…show more content…
It also designed policies that aimed at serving the seniors exclusively. That strategy laid the foundation for the current provision of health care services and products to the seniors. Such include the Medicare Supplement plans that are offered to the adults in association the American Association of Retire. The organization was declared a publicly traded corporation in 1984. It was registered as a company that specialized in healthcare technology and service systems. It also introduced the EverCare program in 1987 (UnitedHealth Group, 1974). The aim of the program was to ensure that services could be offered to individuals in nursing homes. It coordinated these activities to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. The Pharmacy Benefits Management was created in 1988. It is a modern business that manages the payment for drugs once they have been prescribed to the patients (UnitedHealth Group, 1974). It also coordinates retail services in conjunction with the Diversified Pharmaceutical Services Inc. The PBMs negotiate the price of drugs because they buy in bulk since they buy on behalf of the consumers. They are used all over the US today because they provide medicine at affordable prices. Another critical strategy was the introduction of the Transplant Network in 1989. It was introduced to assist the professionals in handling medical needs that were complicated by availing the required facilities and highly trained physicians. The

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