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A very good morning I bid to the panel of honourable judges, dedicated teachers, my fellow competitors last but not least beloved audience. Where there is unity there is always victory. Well, we all know about the story “Three Musketeers” which is a classic English novel written by Alexander Dumas. D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis are always united facing the challenges in their lives. When Cardinal Richelieu's guards appear to arrest d'Artagnan and the three musketeers, the four men win the battle that follows even though they are outnumbered. The reason for their success was that they were united according to their famous motto “All for one and one for all.” This brings me to my topic today that is “1 MALAYSIA” which portrays…show more content…
We Malaysians should support our government in implementing 1 Malaysia. As the saying goes “United we stand, divided we fall”. Vision 2020 could be achieved in time and Malaysia would become a developed country if we are united as
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