Unity Vs Exclusion : The Headmaster 's Wager And The Crucible

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Yahya Salamah ENG4U1-01 Mr. Bird 23 May 2016 Unity Vs Exclusion: The Headmaster’s Wager and The crucible A community is like a human being, everything within it should work together to sustain the health and life of everyone that lives in it. Like the human body, it is made of various systems that need to comply to keep the human alive. The brain cannot sustain life if it does not receive nutrients and oxygen from the digestive system and the heart. The community in both texts, The Headmaster’s Wager by Vincent Lam and The Crucible by Arthur Miller display a clear outline of which group of people or individual shall be included and which individual or group shall be excluded. Therefore, everyone must unite to achieve the goal of a better society that cares about people that live within it. Without unity and good reasons of exclusion in the society then it is an indignation for the people rather than being a glee to everyone. Both societies in the texts are not perfectly nurtured as each individual and group works independently to reach a goal that would satisfy itself. Vincent Lam in The Headmaster’s Wager reveals this idea through the protagonist, Percival Chen. Chen tries to return his banished son to Vietnam by using his power and connections with the Vietnamese authorities after the rioting in class against the Vietnamese curriculum. However, he fails and is forced to face the limits of his power. In the play, The Crucible, unity is displayed through John and Elizabeth

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