Unity and Diversity

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Kevin Osman M. Ward Writing 140/ IR 100 December 7, 2007 Unity and Diversity: Finding the Proper Balance Unity and diversity are both qualities to be desired within society. Both, when balanced with one another, provide for the strongest form of society in which all are unified under some ideas, but differences are tolerated and accepted. One of the strongest factors of determining the present status of unity and diversity is the current state of affairs within a community. The current state of affairs can be altered by a number of issues, some planned and recurring, such as elections years, and some unexpected altogether, such as natural disasters. Within the global community, the current state of a variety of affairs…show more content…
Previous to the beginning of the war in Iraq the American political parties, though not working together in perfect harmony or unison, had achieved some measure of cooperation and unity under the idea of patriotism. However, the execution of the war in Iraq has ripped apart any ties between the parties, as now Democrats and Republicans consistently bicker over the context and continued growth of the war efforts. As many Democrats call for complete withdrawal from the war-torn state and label the operation a disaster, a strong amount of Republicans still maintain the validity of the war and the need for the United States to remain in Iraq and complete the task that was started. This diversity amongst the politicians of America is not conducive to achieving successful results. A more united, unified opinion amongst politicians in America would provide a much better setting for either continued efforts in Iraq or the stopping of the war altogether. In this case, a better balance between diversity and unity must be achieved if any form of tangible progress is to be made. The previous examples have focused on examples with an excess of diversity and the need for more unity in order to fix the problem, however this is not always the case within society. There have been times at which too much unity of opinion exists and society blindly unifies for a cause

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