Universal Axle Counter for Railyway Signalling

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UNIVERSAL AXLE COUNTER SYTEM 1.0 INTRODUCTION : 1. The track circuits are considered as the vital component of signaling system to achieve safety of train operations. Various Accident Enquiry Committees have recommended to bring more and more tracks under track circuiting to safeguard against reception of trains on occupied lines. The track circuiting could not achieved desired progress die to virtual scarcity of wooden sleepers, prohibitive costs and environmental consciousness in the country and the world at large. Availability of concrete sleepers have solved the problem to some extent but track circuiting on loop lines, points and crossings still suffers for want of adequate supply and insertion of concrete sleepers. 2. Axle…show more content…
ii) Transmission media between track side equipment and central evaluator. iii) Central evaluator with EV relays and SUP relays as its output. iv) Reset box. v) Line verification box. Brief description of Each unit:- i) Track mounting and track side equipment : Track mounting equipment consists of a pair of transmitter and receiver coils housed in specially designed housings which are fixed to flange of a rail section by means of suitable rail clamps using bolts and nuts. Each detection point has two sets of such track devices mounted on same rail with a fixed stagger between them. The two transmitter coils of a detection point are connected in series to 5khz oscillator housed in electronic junction box which is installed in a location box by the side of the track. The output of two receiver coils of a detection point serve as inputs to two receiver amplifiers housed in the same electronic junction box through cables which are part of the track mounting equipment. Electronic junction box is powered by 24V DC Supply. ii) Transmission media between track side equipment and Central evaluator: The connection between track side equipment and central evaluator made using balanced twin twisted quad cables of specification IRS: TC/41/90. The output of electronics junction box and input of central evaluator are matched for an impedance of about 180 Ohms at 5 khz. There is attenuation of signal

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