Universal Basic Emotions

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The universal basic emotions that are joy-happiness, interest-excitement, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, contempt, fear, shame and guilt (taken from the slides) both brothers show these emotions throughout the film for example when both Jamal and salim saw their mother get killed right in front of their eyes they had both fear and anger and throughout the movie you can see that at least for salim that maybe since he saw that he feels as if he is obliged to take some sort of revenge for jamal you don't notice that in the film. When jamal and salim got rescued by marmon at first they both felt joy-happiness because they were going through such rough times and here comes this guy who just saves them from what they had to endure on a day to day basis but later on when salim sees another boy getting his eyes burned so it would make him a better begger he felt the emotion of fear jamal didn’t see that firsthand himself.
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