Universal Basic Unemployment Analysis

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Additional strict guidelines will require a background check in order to ensure that the individual has no outstanding warrants. Like welfare, it is important that we supervise that government funds are going towards individuals who are really in need of assistance while remaining productive in order to not longer require governmental assistance. Another strict guideline would be that individuals requesting for a Universal Basic Income must be registered voters in an effort to help boost voter turnout. Individuals requesting for a Universal Basic Income will also need to show proof of unemployment that will lead to a drastic search or adaptation. For example, skilled workers with a specific skill set will have a more difficult time looking for jobs.…show more content…
Individuals who are predicted to be facing a long period of unemployment will receive priority over those facing shorter periods of unemployment. A study by Deloitte Insight estimates that 39 percent of jobs in the legal sector could possibly be automated in the next decade. A report by economia found that accountants have a 95 percent chance of being automated in the near future. As it becomes increasingly evident that specific professions have a high chance of becoming automated if those professions become automated many working in those fields will be looking for a
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