Universal Bathroom Bias Report

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[One thing that became abundantly clear to me at the beginning of this learning segment was that students did not understand bias, and how an author can demonstrate their bias using specific words to leave an impact on the reader. They struggled to understand how the connotations of specific words could shape the reader’s interpretation of the event, without the author explicitly stating their opinions and beliefs about the event. When discussing bias initially, students would often perceive the term to mean that bias is always a negative opinion of how someone feels about a topic/person. While day 1/lesson 1 served as a review of inference skills, it became evident on day 2/lesson 2 that students struggled to understand this concept of bias…show more content…
Finally, by day 4/lesson 4 students made clear their understanding. In Student 1 Work Sample, this is apparent. In an attempt to suggest their own personal biases of the possibility of further construction for universal bathrooms, the student made specific choices in which words to use to further portray their personal biases. The student used certain words and phrases such as: safe place, remarkable, progressive, immense progression, and exist without fear, to accurately demonstrate their biases on the possibility of further construction for universal bathrooms. It is very clear that this student supports the idea of universal bathrooms existing in public places. Likewise, in Student 2 Work Sample, the author’s bias is clearly portrayed to show this students support of the United States sending military aide to help immigrants who are arriving in Greece and Turkey. This student used words and word phrases in his/her newspaper article such as: fatality, provide aide, expand, refugee, help wanted, defend, send military, to accurately portray his/her personal
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