Essay on Universal Carpets

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MKTG251-14B - Marketing Strategy
Group Case Analysis Report - Universal
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The majority of carpet used in this market is carpet tiles. Both companies have a stronghold
over this very demanding market but INZIDE is the clear leader. This market includes; court
houses, universities, hospitals, convention centres, libraries, Landcare Research, SirTrack
(Wildlife tracking solutions), Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa) and other government
operated agencies. As many of these operations have multiple channels to get projects
authorised, the chance of a fast turn around is slim. These organisations look for a
competitive bottom line, so they require value for their money with hard wearing carpets and
great service including maintenance. In order for other competitors to break into this market,
they must be able to offer a superior customer value proposition such as Feltex's Insitu tile
carpet. This is made using a closed loop recycling system, renewable energy, zero emissions,
I­design (innovation design) and is climate neutral (INZIDE, 2013).

Segment 3: The Exclusive Market
Customers of the exclusive carpet market expect high quality, durable carpets that are able to
withstand high foot traffic while still looking stylish and luxurious. This carpet is required by
places such as private hospitals and resorts as well as luxury residential properties. It is likely
customers of this market will be wealthy and business savvy, and have developed a
relationship with…

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