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Universal healthcare coverage in Indonesia One year on January 2015 Written and produced by www.eiu.com/healthcare an Economist Intelligence Unit business healthcare Universal healthcare coverage in Indonesia— One year on Contents Abbreviations 5 Introduction 6 Indonesia’s version of Universal Healthcare: What is the JKN? What about the KIS? 8 Challenges with Indonesia’s version of Universal Healthcare 12 Teething problems—A short-term affair? 12 Balancing the budget—Fiscal sustainability 13 Chronic undersupply—Another barrier to providing truly comprehensive services 15 How should the healthcare industry prepare in the short to medium term? 17 Healthcare service…show more content…
The previous paper within Clearstate’s series on Indonesia’s UHC scheme discussed the potential implications of the reform before the scheme’s rollout in 2014. Since then, the potential implications have become clearer as the country’s healthcare policies began to take on a more definite shape. Yet various issues remain, and in the second of this series addressing UHC implementation in Indonesia, we will be outlining the progress the Indonesian government has made since the rollout of the National Health Insurance Programme (JKN) at the beginning of 2014, as well as the trends further moulding the government’s policies to improve healthcare service provision in the country. 4 © The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 2015 Universal healthcare coverage in Indonesia— One year on Abbreviations Abbreviation Description (Indonesian) Description (English) Askes Asuransi Kesehatan Social insurance scheme for civil servants and the military BOR Bed occupancy rate Percentage of hospital beds occupied at a given point of time BPJS Kesehatan Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan Social Security Management Agency for the Health Sector INA-CBG Indonesia Case Based Groups Jamkesda Jaminan Kesehatan Daerah Social insurance scheme provided by district and provincial governments Jamkesmas Jaminan Kesehatan Masyarakat Social insurance scheme for the poor
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