Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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These treaties were designed to protect everyone’s rights. States had obligation to respect, protect and fulfil human rights of the population. Recently, there has been increased emphasis on sexual rights and most governments, activists are fighting for gay rights and protect people who are discriminated for their sexual orientation. In order to protect and prevent discrimination and violence some states have imposed aid conditionality to ensure that the rights of homosexuals are being respected and protected by the states and societies (Warwick, 2013). However, these states and organisations fail to address complexities in the local complex in countries that criminalize homosexual acts. Additionally, conditionality were imposed on states to give incentives or punish states that criminalize gay people. Furthermore, such efforts have potential to increase discrimination and violence of homosexuals and also limits impacts of local activists working on gay rights.
Aid conditionality is a common practice in the aid industry but it was in 1990 that human rights were given much focus in foreign aid. In 2011, during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth, Australia, David Cameron, British Prime Minister announced that…
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